4 Products To Simplify Life With A Newborn

As a working mama of 2, I'm always looking for ways to simplify my life. Having two little boys meant I was prepared in the way of clothes, but I knew life with two would be much different- and I would need an extra set of hands more than ever.


Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

Wow, I had no idea how much time I would save by simply having a counter top sterilizer. I use the sterilizer for bottles, pump parts, pacifiers, and silicone baby toys. In just a few minutes I can clean all of my pump parts and have them dried for me. No need to worry about small pieces flying around in the dishwasher, or needing to set things on a drying rack for a few hours. The best part is I can easily use the sterilizer for my toddler's sippy cup pieces as well.


Nursing Pads

It is no secret that pumping and breastfeeding are hard on a woman's body. I used two different brands for nursing pads and loved them both. I liked to use the Lansinoh brand breast pads for their cooling effect. They were great to pop in the fridge and use after a breastfeeding or a pumping session. Bamboobies nursing pads feel similar to the classic microwavable heating pad, but they're the perfect shape. They work awesome before a pumping session and I felt like they maximized my milk production.


Kiinde Pouches

HOLY TIME SAVER! I recommend the Kiinde pouches to anyone that will listen. If you're a fellow military family, then Tricare pays for 90 twist pouches a month when you apply for your breast pump. I bought the starter kit with my first son and I've never looked back. Attach these bad boys straight to your pump and you don't ever have to worry about pouring milk from storage bags into bottles. They have 3 types of nipples available from their own brand and they also offer a bottle cover that allows you to use other popular brands of bottle nipples.


Life with a newborn is a big adjustment, and it can feel even more overwhelming with other littles on tow. These 4 products were just a few of the things that gave me the extra set of hands I needed as a busy mama. What did you use in the early stages of your parenting journey that really changed your life? 

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