Community Partners and Fundraiser Exclusives

Have you seen the collection on our website titled 'Fundraiser Exclusives'? If so, you're looking at the first roll out of the Moss and Pine philanthropy mission.

Moss and Pine was founded with the intentions of being more than another brand. We are rooted in family. To us, that includes our community. There is no better time than now to lend a hand to our neighbors, so we're offering a collection of products that will be available for a limited amount of time to support Moss and Pine community partners. 

While foundations and charities will vary depending on the season, there will regularly be fresh products available for you to choose from. Individual products will have descriptions that note the community effort that is being supported by your purchase. Check back on the blog to read more about each community fundraising effort and how you can stay involved with the foundations and groups that Moss and Pine supports. 

The products in the fundraiser exclusives collection are nonrefundable. Proceeds are immediately donated to the charities, preventing our brand from offering refunds on this collection. With that being said, if you ever receive a product that is faulty or damaged, please reach out to Moss and Pine within 7 days. We want to make things right!

Know someone interested in partnering with Moss and Pine for a fundraiser initiative or becoming community partners? Send us an email!

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