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Welcome to September

September marks a monumental month for Moss and Pine as they enter their 4th month as a small business and launch their 4th fundraising initiative! With all community partnerships and fundraiser events, Moss and Pine owner Camille Deal is dedicated to truly spreading the word about the causes the company supports. Supporting a mom on such a once in a lifetime journey deserves significant recognition, so we would like to introduce Brittany Dino to the M&P family.


Brittany running in Disney World


A Note From Brittany

We reached out to Brittany to share a little more about herself and provide insight to how her life lead up to this opportunity.


Brittany running for Run Across Georgia

Here is what she shared with us:

"I've been running what feels like my whole life. I've always ran fast, even as a kid, and one day my middle school basketball coach signed me up for a 5k. It was my first 5k, so I had no clue what to expect. Since then, I've ran more than three hundred 5ks. The only time I wasn't hitting the pavement was during my pregnancies. I was determined to not let being a mom stop me from running, so I got back into the swing of things following both births.


I'm a lover of fitness and hope my girls will grow up loving it as well. Last year I had to put a pause on my running career due to brain surgery. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that requires two major brain surgeries to help release tension in my skull. My first one was in 2021 and hopefully my second one will be a long ways away. I ran every race I possibly could before my surgery since I had no idea what my running career would look like afterwards. Never believe what you read on the internet. 


I was told physical activity after surgery would be non-existent... The drive to prove doctors wrong got me a time qualifier for the NYC marathon. NYC here I come! Crossing that finish line won't only be for my supporters whose had my back, this achievement is for the doubters, too. I'm also doing it for my girls to realize no matter what is thrown at you, your dreams can be accomplished."

 NYC Marathon Qualifier Brittany Dino

A Fundraiser Supporting Brittany

We don't know about you, but we've never met a person who has qualified for a New York Marathon! Moss and Pine is hosting a fundraiser to help this small town teacher and youth fitness coach cover the cost of her expenses to attend this once in a lifetime event. We have watched Brittany donate her time and money time and time again to support community causes like Run Across Georgia and Run for the fallen. We are thrilled to show her the support she deserves.

Proceeds from ALL Moss and Pine fitness related apparel will be donated to Brittany to be used towards her NYC marathon.

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This is so exciting and I am so proud to call each of you my friend! Camille you have a heart of gold, and Brittany you inspire each of us every day with you dedication to running! I can’t wait to watch you run your dream race!

Meghan Benton

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